Frontometaphyseal dysplasia

OrphaNet reference
Frontometaphyseal dysplasia 
May Cause
Absent paranasal sinus
Anodontia or hypodontia
Antegonial notching of the mandible
Bowed bones
Broad middle phalanges
Calvarial hyperostosis
Carpal and/or tarsal fusion
Carpal fusion
Congenital coxa vara
Congenital elbow anomaly
Congenital hypodontia
Congenital joint subluxation
Congenital renal or ureteral anomaly
Congenital tracheal stenosis x
Congenital widespread osteosclerosis
Congenitally limited joint mobility
Cortical bone thickening
Coxa valga
Coxa vara
Craniotubular dysplasia
Defective dentition
Delayed dentition
Dense or thick skull
Dental defect
Diffusely dense skull base
Elbow dislocation
Enlarged foramen magnum
Erlenmeyer flask deformity
Flat femoral head
Focally dense calvarium
Fragmented femoral head
Frontal bossing
Genu valgum
Hypoplastic paranasal sinus
Increased carpal angle
Inner ear anomaly
Joint subluxation
Large foramen magnum
Large hands for age
Laryngeal anomaly
Limited joint mobility
Marfanoid appearance
Middle ear anomaly
Multiple sclerotic foci in an infant or child
Odontoid aplasia
Odontoid hypoplasia
Orbital wall sclerosis
Rib anomaly
Sclerosing bone dysplasia
Sclerosis of the orbital roof
Small acetabular angle
Small or dysplastic carpal and/or tarsal bones
Thick skull
Tracheoesophageal fistula
Twisted bones
Type B pelvis
Underdeveloped mastoid
Underdevelopment of mastoids
Wide metaphysis
Widespread cortical bone thickening