Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy, often abbreviated RT, RTx, or XRT, is a therapy using ionizing radiation, generally as part of cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells and normally delivered by a linear accelerator. Radiation therapy may be curative in a number of types of cancer if they are localized to one area of the body. [Source: Wikipedia ]

Radium therapy
May Cause
Absent vertebral pedicle
Asymmetric lung size
Basal cell carcinoma in children
Basal ganglion calcification
Bilaterally enlarged and heterogeneous parotids
Bile duct narrowing or obstruction
Bladder fistula
Bone-in-bone vertebra
Bridging of the pubic symphysis
Cerebral gyriform calcification
Cerebral vasculitis
Conical cecum
Constrictive pericarditis
Decreased size of part of a kidney
Deformity of gastric antrum
Demyelinating disease
Dense subchondral zone of vertebra
Densely sclerotic vertebra
Depression in renal margin
Diffusely small cord
Dystrophic metastatic calcification
Enlarged epiglottis
Erosive gastritis
Esophageal stricture
Esophagobronchial fistula
External ear calcification
Focal hypodense liver lesion
Focally dense skull base
Fragmented or irregular femoral head
Gas within bone
Gastric ulceration
Gastrointestinal tract fistula
Generalized bladder wall thickening
Generalized osteopenia or osteolysis of the jaws
Genu valgum
Genu varum
Globe calcification
Hyperechoic liver lesion
Hypoenhancing liver lesion
Hypoplastic vertebral pedicle
Ill-defined multifocal lung opacities
Internal jugular vein thrombosis
Intracranial calcification
Intraorbital calcification
Large trachea
Large ventricles and sulci
Localized skull thinning
Localized soft-tissue calcification
Malformed orbit
Medullary nephrocalcinosis
Metaphyseal cupping
Multiple collapsed vertebrae
Notching of the superior rib margins
Orbital wall sclerosis
Osteonecrosis of skull
Paralyzed hemidiaphragm
Pathologic fracture
Pericardial effusion
Pleural effusion with disease in thorax
Pleural effusion with normal lungs
Protrusio acetabuli
Radiation esophagitis
Radiation injury
Rectovaginal fistula
Retained material in hypopharynx
Salivary duct stricture on sialography
Salivary gland enlargement
Sclerosis of the orbital roof
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Small optic canal
Small or nonvisualized spleen
Small orbit
Small parotid gland
Small sella turcica
Small thymus in an infant
Small urinary bladder
Subglottic tracheal narrowing
Superior vena cava syndrome
T1-hyperintense diffuse vertebral body abnormality
T2-dark seminal vesicle
T2-hypointense peripheral zone of prostate
Tracheoesophageal fistula
Unilateral diffuse lung disease
Unilateral small cranium
Ureteral stricture
Vaginal fistula
Vascular calcification