Renal cell carcinoma

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a kidney cancer that originates in the lining of the proximal convoluted tubule, a part of the very small tubes in the kidney that transport primary urine. RCC is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults, responsible for approximately 90–95% of cases. [Source: Wikipedia ]

Renal cell carcinoma extending into right atrium
May Cause
Abnormal abdominal vessels
Adrenal tumor
Arterial hyperenhancement of focal liver lesion
Brain metastasis
Budd-Chiari syndrome
Calcified liver metastasis
Clubbing of digits
Cystic renal mass with wall calcification
Early renal vein opacification
Endobronchial metastasis
Extrinsic indentation on duodenum
Fat-containing renal mass
Filling defect in renal collecting system
Focal calcification in kidney
Focal defect in nephrogram
Hemorrhagic liver metastasis
Heterogeneous T1-hypointense intracranial lesion
Heterogeneous T2-hyperintense intracranial lesion
Hyperdense intracranial lesion
Hyperechoic liver metastasis
Hyperechoic renal mass
Hypervascular liver metastasis
Hypoechoic renal mass
Increased renal artery diastolic flow
Increased retrogastric or retroduodenal space
Inferior vena cava obstruction
Infundibular narrowing
Isoechoic renal mass
Lesion of perinephric space
Localized bulge of renal outline
Mass displacing kidney
Mass in inferior vena cava
Meningeal metastasis
Metastasis to skull
Metastasis to tracheal mucosa
Mixed echogenicity liver metastasis
Multilocular or complex renal mass
Neoplastic solitary intracranial mass
Nonfunction of part of kidney
Osteolytic metastasis
Renal artery aneurysm or microaneurysm
Renal hemorrhage
Renal mass in a child
Renal mass with calcification
Renal parenchymal tumor
Renal vein thrombosis
Skull metastasis
Solid renal mass
Solitary intrinsic duodenal mass
Sonographically ill-defined renal parenchymal mass
T1-hyperintense intracranial lesion
T1-hyperintense renal mass
T2-hypointense intracranial lesion
T2-intermediate renal mass
Unilateral large kidney
Unilateral renal nonfunction
Urothelial tumor
Vascular sinonasal mass with flow voids