Aspiration or aspirations may refer to: Linguistics Aspirated consonant, a plosive or fricative pronounced with a strong burst of air Voiceless glottal fricative, the sound [h] Debuccalization, the conversion of a consonant to [h] or [ʔ] Rough breathing, a symbol used in Ancient Greek to indicate an /h/ sound Medicine Aspiration, suction (medicine) to remove liquid or gas/dust Aspiration, the inhalation of fluid while drinking, a common symptom of dysphagia. Aspiration pneumonia, a lung infection caused by pulmonary aspiration Aspiration thrombectomy, embolectomy where a thrombus is removed by suction Bone marrow aspiration Joint aspiration, or arthrocentesis Nasogastric aspiration or nasogastric intubation, the removal of the stomach's contents via a nasogastric tube Needle aspiration biopsy, a surgical procedure Pulmonary aspiration, the entry of secretions or foreign material into the trachea and lungs Vacuum aspiration, a pregnancy termination procedure Other uses Aspiration, removal of a liquid or gas by means of suction Aspiration, Inc., a socially conscious financial institution with banking and investing products. [Source: Wikipedia ]