Hydatid cyst

Echinococcosis is a parasitic disease of tapeworms of the Echinococcus type. The two main types of the disease are cystic echinococcosis and alveolar echinococcosis. [Source: Wikipedia ]

Is A
Liver mass
May Cause
Abdominal calcification in an infant or child
Anechoic liver lesion
Anechoic renal mass
Anterior indentation on rectosigmoid junction
Anterior mediastinal lesion
Bile duct filling defect
Biliary tract filling defect
Bladder filling defect
Blow-out bone lesion
Calcification in great vessels
Calcification in heart
Calcified pancreatic lesion
Cardiac or pericardial neoplasm or cyst
Complex cystic adnexal mass
Complex pelvic mass
Cyst-like mandibular lesion
Cystic adrenal lesion
Cystic jaw lesion
Cystic mediastinal mass
Cystic pancreatic mass
Cystic pelvic mass
Cystic renal mass
Cystic renal mass with internal debris
Cystic renal mass with wall calcification
Cystic retroperitoneal mass
Displacement of small bowel loops
Expansile bone lesion
Extrinsic pressure deformity of bladder
Filling defect in renal collecting system
Focal calcification in kidney
Focal cystic or low density splenic lesion
Focal hypodense liver lesion
High-density renal cyst
Homogeneous T1-hypointense intracranial lesion
Homogeneous T2-hyperintense intracranial lesion
Hyperechoic renal mass
Hypoenhancing liver lesion
Intraorbital calcification
Juxtadiaphragmatic lesions in children
Large destructive bone lesion
Large orbit
Large pelvic soft-tissue mass
Liver lesion with T2 hypointense rim
Liver lesions with T1 hypointense rim
Localized elevation of hemidiaphragm
Long rib lesion
Lower abdominal calcification
Lower abdominal mass in a neonate or child
Lytic skeletal lesion
Mass in a pulmonary cavity
Mediastinal cyst
Multilocular or complex renal mass
Multiloculated cystic renal lesion
Non-neoplastic bone lesion
Nonvisceral abdominal calcification
Pelvic mass in an infant or child
Pleural mass
Posterior mediastinal lesion
Presacral mass
Renal cystic disease
Renal mass with calcification
Renal parenchymal gas
Retrocardiac lesion
Right anterior cardiophrenic angle lesion
Sacrococcygeal lesion
Sacrococcygeal mass
Shadowing mass in renal collecting system
Solid renal mass
Solitary bone lesion with expansile remodeling
Solitary ill-defined lytic metaphyseal lesion
Solitary intracranial calcification
Solitary irregular cavitary lung lesion
Solitary lesion of spleen
Solitary lytic diaphyseal bone lesion
Solitary lytic epiphyseal lesion
Solitary lytic epiphyseal-metaphyseal lesion
Solitary poorly demarcated osteolytic bone lesion
Solitary pulmonary mass
Solitary pulmonary nodule
Solitary sharply-outlined cavitary lung lesion
Solitary splenic calcification
Solitary well-demarcated lytic bone lesion
Sonographically complex hepatic mass
Splenic cyst
Superior mediastinal mass
T2-hyperintense liver lesion
Thick-walled lung cavity
Thin-walled lung cavity
Third mogul sign
Unilateral exophthalmos
Unilaterally elevated diaphragm
Upper abdominal mass in a neonate or child
Water-attenuation mediastinal lesion
Well-defined expansile radiolucent jaw lesion
Wide superior mediastinum in an infant or child
Widespread abdominal calcifications