Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder whose primary feature is dwarfism. In those with the condition, the arms and legs are short, while the torso is typically of normal length. [Source: Wikipedia ]

OrphaNet reference
May Cause
Abnormal contour of calvarium
Absent nose
Acromelic dwarfism
Anterior beaked vertebrae in a child
Anterior beaked vertebral body
Atlantoaxial instability
Basilar invagination
Bowed bones
Bowed femur
Bowed tubular bones
Broad middle phalanges
Choanal atresia
Choanal stenosis
Cloverleaf skull deformity
Cone-shaped epiphysis
Congenital coxa vara
Congenital hydrocephalus
Congenital macrocephaly
Congenital midface hypoplasia
Congenital narrow spinal canal
Congenital premature craniosynostosis
Congenital short hands and feet
Congenital short limbs
Congenital vertebral abnormality
Congenitally abnormal pelvis
Congenitally abnormal scapula
Congenitally limited joint mobility
Cuboid vertebrae
Depressed nasal bridge
Diabetes mellitus
Dumbbell bones
Elongation of fibula
Facial hypoplasia
Flaring of ribs
Flat occiput
Frontal bossing
Genu varum
Hypoplastic pelvis
Increased nuchal fold
Increased risk of neoplasm
Inner ear anomaly
J-shaped sella turcica
Lethal skeletal dysplasia
Metaphyseal cupping
Middle ear anomaly
Multiple abnormal epiphyses
Narrow spinal canal
Neuronal migration disorder
Nuchal cystic hygroma
Patella baja
Posterior vertebral scalloping
Retarded skeletal maturation
Rhizomelic dwarfism
Rhizomelic limb shortness
Rib lesion in a child
Short and broad distal phalanges of hand
Short foot
Short hand
Short metacarpal
Short metatarsal
Short metatarsals
Short narrow thoracic cage
Short ribs
Short squat bones
Skull base hypoplasia
Small acetabular angle
Small foramen magnum
Small nose
Small sciatic notch
Spinal block
Symmetrical anterior rib flaring
Thick ribs
Thick tubular hand bones
Thoracolumbar gibbus
Tortuous myelographic filling defect
Trident pelvis
Type A pelvis
Venous occlusion
Wedged vertebra
Wide diametaphysis
Wide metaphysis
May Be Caused by
Severe achondroplasia - developmental delay - acanthosis nigricans