Chondrosarcoma is a bone sarcoma, a primary cancer composed of cells derived from transformed cells that produce cartilage. A chondrosarcoma is a member of a category of tumors of bone and soft tissue known as sarcomas. [Source: Wikipedia ]

OrphaNet reference
Is A
Clear cell chondrosarcoma
Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma
Medullary chondrosarcoma
Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma
Myxoid chondrosarcoma
May Cause
Abnormal laryngeal cartilage
Blow-out bone lesion
Bronchial lesion
Calcified liver metastasis
Calcified pulmonary metastasis
Chest wall lesion
Chest wall neoplasm
Cyst-like mandibular lesion
Cystic jaw lesion
Cystic liver metastasis
Cystic soft-tissue tumor
Densely sclerotic vertebra
Dental periapical opacity
Diametaphyseal bone lesion
Diaphyseal bone lesion
Focal calcification in kidney
Focal vertebral sclerosis
Focally dense skull base
Hyperechoic liver metastasis with acoustic shadowing
Ill-defined expansile radiolucent jaw lesion
Ill-defined lytic jaw lesion
Infratemporal fossa lesion
Intraorbital calcification
Jugular foramen lesion
Large destructive bone lesion
Large pelvic soft-tissue mass
Localized soft-tissue calcification
Long rib lesion
Loss of inner cortical bone margin
Lower abdominal calcification
Lytic phalangeal lesion
Lytic vertebral lesion
Malignant primary bone neoplasm
Masticator space lesion
Metaphyseal bone lesion
Middle mediastinal lesion
Mixed-radiopacity jaw lesion
Nasopharyngeal lesion
Nonvisceral abdominal calcification
Orbital wall lesion
Osteolytic lesion with calcium attenuation
Paranasal sinus mass
Pediatric chest wall lesion
Periapical radiolucency in jaw
Pericoronal radiolucency in the jaw
Permeative osteolytic lesion
Posterior skull base lesion
Radiolucent skull lesion
Sacral neoplasm
Sacrococcygeal lesion
Sclerosis of bone with periosteal reaction
Sclerotic foot bone lesion
Sclerotic hand bone lesion
Short rib lesion
Sinus disease with bone destruction
Soft-tissue mass with adjacent bone erosion
Soft-tissue ossification
Soft-tissue tumor with associated calcification
Solitary bone lesion with expansile remodeling
Solitary collapsed vertebra
Solitary ill-defined lytic metaphyseal lesion
Solitary large calcified soft tissue mass adjacent to bone
Solitary opacity in jaw
Solitary osteolytic skull lesion
Solitary osteosclerotic bone lesion
Solitary permeative metaphyseal lesion
Solitary poorly demarcated osteolytic bone lesion
Solitary well-defined lytic metaphyseal lesion
Solitary well-demarcated lytic bone lesion
Temporal bone neoplasm
Tracheal tumor
Tumor crossing an intervertebral disk
Tumor-like bone destruction with little periosteal reaction
Vertebral neoplasm
May Be Caused by
Chondromyxoid fibroma
Hereditary multiple exostoses
Juxtacortical or periosteal
Maffucci syndrome
Paget disease of bone
Radiation therapy