Peters-plus syndrome

Peters-plus syndrome or Krause–Kivlin syndrome is a hereditary syndrome defined by Peters' anomaly, dwarfism and intellectual disability. Signs and symptoms Features of this syndrome include Peters' anomaly, corneal opacity, central defect of Descemet's membrane, and shallow anterior chamber with synechiae between the iris and cornea.Craniofacial abnormalities commonly seen in patients with PPS include hypertelorism, ear malformations, micrognathia, round face and broad neck, and cleft lip and palette.Infants are commonly born small for gestational age and have delayed growth. [Source: Wikipedia ]

Krause-Kivlin syndrome
Krause-van Schooneveld-Kivlin syndrome
OrphaNet reference
Peters-plus syndrome 
May Cause
Cleft lip/palate
Corneal abnormality
Peters anomaly
Short stature