Fish skin
Ichthyosiform dermatosis
Ichthyosiform lesion
Thick skin
May Be Caused by
ARC syndrome
Bloom syndrome
Camptodactyly-ichthyosis syndrome
Cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome
CEDNIK syndrome
CHILD syndrome
CHIME syndrome
Chondrodysplasia punctata Conradi-Hünermann type
Chondrodysplasia punctata rhizomelic type
Chondrodysplasia punctata X-linked dominant type
Chondrodysplasia punctata X-linked recessive type
Clouston syndrome
Congenital cataract - ichthyosis
Dorfman-Chanarin syndrome
Endocrinopathy-ichthyosis syndrome
Epidermal nevus syndrome
Geleophysic dysplasia
Harlequin ichthyosis
Hypomelanosis of Ito
IBIDS syndrome
ICE 1 syndrome
Ichthyosiform erythroderma and retinitis pigmentosa
Ichthyosis - alopecia - eclabion - ectropion - intellectual deficit
Ichthyosis - hepatosplenomegaly - cerebellar degeneration
Ichthyosis - hypotrichosis - sclerosing cholangitis
Ichthyosis - intellectual deficit - dwarfism - renal impairment
Ichthyosis - oral and digital anomalies
Ichthyosis follicularis - alopecia - photophobia
Ischiospinal dysostosis
Jadassohn-Lewandowsky syndrome
KID syndrome
Koller syndrome
Menkes disease
Mesomelic dysplasia
Metachromatic leukodystrophy
Mucolipidosis type 2
Mucopolysaccharidosis type 1-H/S
Multiple sclerosis - ichthyosis - factor VIII deficiency
Multiple sulfatase deficiency
Netherton syndrome
Neu-Laxova syndrome
Osteosclerosis - ichthyosis - premature ovarian failure
PIBIDS syndrome
Poland syndrome
Refsum syndrome
Senter syndrome
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome
Stiff skin syndrome
Stormorken syndrome
Trichorrhexis nodosa syndrome
Vohwinkel syndrome
Werner syndrome
X-linked intellectual deficit - hypogonadism - ichthyosis - obesity - short stature

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